Front Page Wedding

A Royalton Mansion Wedding and High Line Engagement Session

  • Venue: The Royalton Mansion in Roslyn, NY
  • Wedding Signage: marrygrams
  • Favors: Baked by Melissa

When I saw the wall of black and white prints in this couple’s apartment, I knew we were a good match. And when I saw all these cute signs around The Royalton in Roslyn, NY, with sayings like “You look oh-so pretty, now get out and dance!”, I knew we in for a great party!  I love seeing families have fun together, it gives me butterflies and I just love capturing it all.  I also loved seeing all the photos, including family wedding photos, on display all around the cocktail hour including their High Line engagement photos (by me!). One of my favorite moments of the night was the flower girl’s father who picked-up the slack and daintily tossed the petals down the aisle for her. (Sometimes the little ones just don’t cooperate and nothing will make them do their “job”. I did witness a successful 4 year-old flower girl walk this year with the groom holding candy as a bribe. Might just work with a straight aisle! Then again, the comic relief can be welcome!)

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