Bow Bridge Elopement: Rebecca and Chrisy

I met up with Rebecca and Chrisy at their hotel in Midtown and we headed over to Central Park for a ceremony with Rev. Annie Lawrence. It was the couple’s first time in Central Park, but actually not their first wedding! (This wedding made them legally married, however.) After a few stops for photos on the walk into the park, the ceremony took place on the Bow Bridge about noon. Despite all the passerbys, Rev. Annie’s words made us feel like we were the only people on the bridge! She is just lovely.

After the ceremony we took my favorite route through the park and walked down to Times-Square passing the Plaza Hotel and the LOVE Sculpture. We continued our sightseeing/photo tour into the subway and to Grand Central where I promised Rebecca a shot at a hot dog stand. There are usually several on 42nd street, but of course that day there were none! Luckily a few blocks away we could find one and so our mission and shoot was complete!

Congratulations Rebecca and Chrisy!!!!!!!

Thanks for the photo Rev. Annie!

Thanks for the photo Rev. Annie!

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