Central Park, Rooftop and Skake Shack Elopement: Natalie and Brendon

After scrapping plans for a big wedding, this charming Australian couple decided to tie the knot in Central Park this past May and take a 6 week trip all over the US. They were married byon the rustic bridge near 77th and Central Park West. It is one of my favorite spots in the park because it offers some privacy as opposed to the Ladies Pavilion. After a walking photo shoot through the park hitting the iconic spots, we took cabs to a rooftop bar for drinks. The view of the Chrysler Building was wonderful. Natalie had heard of the glories of Shake Shack and had been saving a visit for her post wedding meal. The greeter welcomed us with open arms and comped their meal! It was my pleasure to stay and join in the meal (thanks!). I never turn down a Shake Shack mushroom burger. 🙂

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