New York City Hall and Mark Hotel Elopement: Melissa and Paul

I’ve been dying to share this elopement for months! Melissa and Paul planned an elopement at New York City Hall followed by a transatlantic voyage on the Queen Mary 2. Melissa wanted me to take very few posed photos, which is always music to my ears! And then, she sent me this amazing Pinterest board with gorgeous black and white photos including some of my favorite photographers. I just knew this wedding was going to be right up my alley! I was so right, it was such a pleasure meeting Melissa and Paul and sharing in their wedding day!

The QE2 was set to depart later that day but the couple needed to get to the terminal for noon so we planned a shoot was 8am-11. Normally time of day is perfect light for portraits before a City Hall ceremony, however it was 18 degrees that day! But the light was amazing and Melissa and Paul were total troopers and we managed about 25 mins outside (before Melissa’s feet froze!) and then headed indoors for the ceremony. We took a cab to their hotel, the beautiful Mark Hotel on Upper Eastside. Following some amazing coffee in their bar, we took a few more photos around their hotel.

My style of shooting for clients wishing little or no photographer direction is simple: look for beautiful light and locations and catch whatever happens! I did select where we shot in this shoot, but the movements came from the clients. And that is the key, the subjects need to understand what to do and the best thing is to have some kind of action or movement going on so I can catch natural reactions. (Being affectionate and flirting helps!) This kind of shoot creates many more images and they are very unique and artistic but is more challenging for photographers unless you have experience in photojournalistic coverage. (Luckily I do!) My shoots usually do have a fair amount of this kind of coverage, but with a bit more direction in portraits as needed. And that is totally fine! But I really do love the challenge of doing a less or non-posed session.

Some photos below, and if you want more, please watch the highlights slideshow!

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