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Favorite Moments 2018

It is so hard, and many years I don’t even do it, but I was determined to get to a a selection of my personal favorite moments of 2018. There was something about each of these images that I liked when I took it and still like now, and I’ve written a little bit with each to explain why I selected it. Many more I could have chosen, but here they are, in no particular order…

1. Thumbs Up – Cake cuttings are always funny to me. The couple usually has no idea what to do, where to cut, it is a miracle it gets cuts in the right place (NOT the top layer!) I just love her expression and gesture while he I suppose is trying to extricate a piece for them to taste.


2. NY HEARTS ME. It was cold, windy and raining, but that didn’t stop this couple from braving the Top of the Rock for about 10 mins with me. Fortunately I grabbed the tall and sturdy best man to hold me umbrella, or it would have been impossible out there. But, I love a good challenge and bad weather just makes me want to fight harder to make some nice images for my clients. Luckily these two had been all smiles.


3. Vows- In an intimate ceremony at Shakespeare Garden in Central Park, the vows were emotional and touching.

4. First Dance- In a backyard wedding on Center Island in New York, I had a unique opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the first dance and caught this great moment!

5. Hold Me Tight- The overall scene of this ceremony was split between shade and sun which isn’t easy to shoot. I was rewarded for zooming in and seeing the emotion on the faces of the couple. Just a beautiful moment, one of many at this wedding!


6. Kids on the Loose- During a lunch reception in August at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, a group of children entertained themselves immensely.

7. Grandma can Dance- I have a thing for grandparents at weddings. They just aren’t always there, so having them present, is a blessing, even more so when one can make an appearance on the dance floor. *happy tears* She was surrounded by her grandson, son, and daughter-in-law and Italian relatives, many who came from Italy for the wedding. It was so touching. These are the moments I live to capture.


8. Joy- I love when portraits lead to real moments happening. I have no idea what happened here, but I just love the reaction. (And no one can tell there is a homeless guy sleeping on a bench right behind them! Shooing in NYC is so fun.)


9. Father Daughter Dance- I have several lovely ones this year, but I liked this one the best for the way she hold him tight. So sweet.



10. Champagne, Madame? This was hilarious. We were shooting in the street outside Cafe Cluny in the West Village (cobblestone streets) and all of a sudden this waiter emerges and offers the couple free classes of champagne! So sweet. So of course, we did. What a fun surprise!

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