Extended Marriage Certificate

Check with your consulate to make sure your country will recognize your marriage. Some countries will require an extended certificate instead of the short form one typically provided. (I know my UK couples often get this. For other countries, double-check!)

How to Get an Extended Marriage Certificate

  • Take your short-form certificate to the nearest Marriage Bureau to get the extended certificate for $35. (If you were married by an officiant, you will first need to have the signed license processed. The clerk will direct you.)

  • Then take the document to the nearest County Clerk’s Office. (In Manhattan, it is located in the Supreme Court building across the street) to authenticate the City Clerk’s hand signature, for a fee of $3.

  • Next, take the document to the New York State Department of State for the authentication of the County Clerk’s signature and the attachment of an “Apostille,” for a fee of $10. Payment is only accepted by money order, available for purchase at drug stores, which are all over the city.

The Department of State is located at:

123 William Street19th Floor

New York, NY 10038

TIP: Most couples opt to do this on another day of their trip since it will take some time! Plan accordingly!

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