The Experience & FAQ

1. Check Availability

Let me know your preferred wedding date, if you are flexible, and any locations you want to shoot at by filling out my contact form. I'll make a suggestion for a collection. If you don't know or want help, schedule a chat. I'm happy to help!

2.Consider options and consult with Kristy

I offer collections starting at 2 hours on up, including my popular 6 hour Documentary Day Collection. It’s perfect for visiting multiple NYC locations. I can also customize collections and have even done Epic Collections for 8 & 10 hours! I'll send you a questionnaire to get to know you better before our chat.

Click here to schedule a chat to discuss things with me.

3. Review Online Booking Proposal

If you’d like to book, just let me know and I will send you an online proposal. Ideally you’ll know which collection (or request a custom one if say you need 4.5 hours) and I will present that to you with my contract. Everything will be detailed how we will work together and when and what you will receive. If you don’t know exactly which collection, but want to secure your date, you can book my minimum collection and upgrade later. I need a date to send a booking proposal.

4. Sign, Send in Deposit

After reviewing the proposal, you sign, I’ll sign and then send a link to pay the non-refundable $500 deposit via Paypal. (Check are also accepted for US residents) Once I receive your payment you will be fully booked! Yay!

5. Fill Out Questionnaire

A few weeks before your wedding date I will send a questionnaire for you to fill out. We may have discussed some of these things before, but often things can change! You can also update this at any time. Now is also a good time to program my phone number into yours just in case you are running late on the day.

I also recommend confirming start times with your other vendors, especially hair and make-up. It is very important you leave a buffer time for those services to be complete so you won’t be late. I do extend a 15 min grace period, but after that, the clock starts counting. So please be on time! I’m also happy to suggest travel times if you don’t know the area. Manhattan travel times can vary and you will likely need more time than you think!

Tip: If you haven’t already, apply for your license to marry or at least fill out the paperwork online. The waiting period is 24 hours in NYC and 72 hours in NJ. For more info on getting married in NYC, visit this page.

6. Wedding Day!

  • Send me your hotel info if we are meeting there.
  • Pack your license and passports or IDs!!!
  • We make awesome photos together, you get married, it is a lovely day. (Whatever the weather! Don’t start worrying about that until a few days, or the day before. I also have a large clear umbrella I can bring for you to use.)


Bring some snacks if we are doing a Documentary Day collection and don’t have any food stops planned.

Bring another pair of comfortable shoes (mostly for brides, but can apply to all the ladies if doing a long walk in the park!)

Bring a small bag to hold license/certificate and other ideas. (Ideally, light enough I can carry sometimes when we are walking and shooting)

7. Pictures!

Within 24-48 I’ll send you a sneak peek with some highlight images of the day. The rest are typically ready in 3-5 weeks. The images will be delivered online via a password protected gallery where you can download them as well as order prints and albums.


Do you photograph same-sex weddings?

Yes! Absolutely. I am so happy to.

How many photos will we receive?

On average, about 75 images per hour. However, that is an average and your wedding will be different if there are only 2 people vs a wedding with 20 people in the same time. Trust in knowing I will document your day to your preferences as best as possible. Basically, I edit out any unflattering images, the rest are all yours. The images will be delivered online via a password protected gallery where you can download them as well as order prints and albums.

How soon after are the photos ready?

Sneak peeks are ready 24-48 hours after. The rest are 3-5 weeks. If you are having a reception sooner, please let me know.

What if I (or my partner) don’t like having my photo taken or think I will look bad?

I think everyone has a fear of this to some degree. First, I suggest having professional hair and make-up. If you look great, you will feel confident and it will show in the photos. If possible, have a trial to be sure you will be happy with the look.

I find those couples with both or one person not as into the idea of the photography actually need more time, not less. It takes time to warm up and in the course of your natural interactions, we will get some genuine reactions. A little bit of flirting can go a long way as well! (with each other of course!) I had a couple fake laugh at each other once the whole shoot, it worked! (It was their idea, but may come in handy again!) We got genuine emotion too. I also suggest doing an activity you are interested in as part of the photo session. (like incorporating transportation, getting drinks at a bar, taking a walk, grabbing food at a food cart, etc) The less it feels like a "photo shoot" and more like a date, the better the photos will be.

Is retouching included?

All images receive basic color and density adjustments, cropping as needed. A selection of highlight images chosen by Kristy receive additional treatments such as black and white conversions and skin retouching. You can request specific image receive additional skin retouching or any other kinds of retouching, fees may apply. Let me know if you love black and whites too, I'll include extras!

Can you recommend any hair, make-up or officiants?

Yes. See this page.

Are you insured?


How long will the wait at City Hall be?

This will depend on the day, time of year and day. Early is better, mid-week too. I generally suggest planning for 1-1.5 hours. Worst case, we have more time for photos!

Will you be my witness?

Yes, no charge.

Can we meet before the wedding?

No, due to my schedule and other factors this is not possible for elopements. If you are purchasing an album and live in the NYC area, we can schedule an album consultation but otherwise, due to the volume of shoots, I just can't meet with all prospective clients.

What if we are late or go overtime?

Please try and be on time and if you need travel time suggestions, ask. I allow a 15 min grace period, after that, I start the clock and deduct from our time together.

What if we have to cancel or move the wedding date?

The retainer to book is non-refundable so if you are calling off the wedding that would apply. You are able to move the day if you need to and I am available. Please see our contract for further details.

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