Wedding couple with their dog in Central Park

Wedding couple with their dog in Central Park

Rev. Annie Lawrence married this couple on the rooftop of their Manhattan apartment building near Central Park. The secret ceremony was only attended by two guests, myself, the photographer, and a friend of the bride's but it was lovely nonetheless. Many couples opt to keep their elopement or weddings under wraps for different reasons and it is always an honor to get to witness and document these special occasions.

Following the ceremony, the couple wanted to take photos with their dog in the park.

And so we did! We also took photos in my favorite iconic locations in the park, like the Bethesda Terrace, The Mall and Cat Rock. The couple had reservations for tea at The Plaza so we ended with some shots on the Gapstow Bridge and I escorted them to the hotel. What a perfect day really!

One of the things that made this shoot so lovely, beside the beautiful dress and just adorable couple, was the timing. The bride spent the night before at The Carlyle and had my dear friend and make-up artist guru Sharon Becker of SB Beauty do her hair and make-up really early for a 9 am ceremony. I can't really recommend that enough for getting the best light. Either starting early, or a few hours before sunset usually yields the best light. However, I can work with any light, but there is just something special about the early light and later light due to the angle of the sun. Please ask for my suggestions for your New York City elopement!

Location: Central Park, New York, NY.

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