Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront Wedding Party

Brooklyn Bridge Waterfront Wedding Party

A wedding party in shades of pink take candid photos on the pier in Brooklyn Bridge Park with stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan in the background. The Brooklyn waterfront is a popular destination for wedding photos anyday of the week. The views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan, the Manhattan Bridge and features like Jane's Carousel make it a wonderful location.

Tips for taking wedding photos on the Brooklyn Waterfront


As with most of photography, light matters. The sun rises to the east (naturally!) and that means the light comes from that way (think Williamsburg) and the Brooklyn side until about midday. Early morning sessions on the Brooklyn Bridge are optimal for traffic and light if possible. After than, I personally prefer to shoot in the later afternoon and evening in the area. However, there are many possibilities all times of the day, but the best light is early and late including the spectacular sunsets. (which set off to the Statue of Liberty side towards lower Manhattan heading up the Hudson as the days get longer.) An experienced wedding photographer like myself will know what to do and find locations and angles anytime of the day,


While Brooklyn Bridge Park stretches from Dumbo into Brooklyn Heights, for optimal view of Manhattan and the bridges, locations in Dumbo should be selected. There is a rocky beach and cove, Jane's Carousel, various piers, and a stairway with an overlook that is perfect for sunsets and intimate ceremonies.


Dumbo is a popular location for photography, not just for weddings, so there are often many shoots going on in additional to tourists. There are some out of the way locations as well. Trust your photographer as some of the best spots aren't always the most obvious. (And then again, some are, and are worth waiting for)

Location: Old Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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