Bride Tosses Cake at Groom's Face, Guests React

Bride Tosses Cake at Groom's Face, Guests React

A bride tosses cake at her groom's face while guests look on and react during their cake cutting. This was one of the most amusing cake cuttings I have ever photographed! Prior to the photo the groom smashed cake on the bride, so she was getting her revenge. It was all in good fun and did require some clean-up. I love the guests reacting to the surprise dramatic moment in the background.

To smash cake at your wedding or not? Most of my couples opt for a polite feeding of cake to one another, but occasionally someone gets mischievous and things can get dramatic and messy. I think it is always a good idea to discuss this with your partner ahead of time so there isn't any kind of misunderstand or unwanted cake smashing. Your photographer will be memorializing the moment so be on the same page, whatever that is!

Location: Lafayette. Louisiana.