Grandmillennial Wedding Style

Grandmillennial style celebrates traditional design with a modern eye. Weddings are a natural place to bring the style together with meaningful details.

Get Married During Covid

How to get married during the Coronavirus pandemic in NYC

Backyard Wedding Lighting

Planning a backyard wedding? Make sure the lighting is optimal for your ceremony and reception!

Iconic Portrait Locations in NYC

If you are dreaming of the most iconic NYC backgrounds to take wedding, elopement or engagement photos, then look no further. This is the list.

Alternative Photo Locations in NYC

Not interested in the most overt “New York” locations for your wedding, elopement or engagement photos? Consider these more subtle locations.

NYC Intimate Wedding Locations

A collection of the best ideas for intimate wedding locations in light of the Coronavirus pandemic in the NYC, NJ and CT areas.

Getting the Most from Your Photographer

Want great wedding photos? 15 tips on how to get the most from your wedding photographer. Read this article now!

Wedding Timeline Guide

This wedding timeline guide answers questions to help couples create a schedule to suit their needs. A sample timeline is included!

Wedding Day Beauty Tips (Video)

Tips and advice on planning for your wedding day beauty with Sharon Becker of SB Beauty and Kristy May.

On Table Shots

Are wedding table shots in vogue again? What are they anyway and DO I need that at my wedding? Read this guide and find out!

Wedding Formals Shot Lists

Need help with your wedding formal photo shot list? Not sure how to handle tricky situations? Learn from this guide!

2nd Photographer, Do I Need One?

Not sure if you need a 2nd Photographer for your wedding? Check out this detailed guide and be in the know.

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