Kristy May Photography
Round Hill Club Connecticut Wedding Portrait
Mother helps bride into her wedding gown
Dance with Dad

As the summer at the Cape began to wind down for many, friends and family of the couple stuck around another week for a wedding at The Beach Club in Centerville, MA. The bride and groom got ready at family homes in the area and did a first look in a neighbor's garden before being driven in an antique car to the ceremony. It was held on the beach on a beautiful overcast evening. Guests were invited to remove their shoes and enjoy the sandy pleasures of going barefoot. After an emotional ceremony, the reception was held inside the clubhouse. Highlights included drinking from crystal goblets at dinner and a Brautbecher, both family heirlooms. Desserts like popsicles and ice-cream sandwiches were passed in addition to cake. Following some amazing dancing, a party bus took late night revelers to the after party.